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At Prickles we pride ourselves in our high success rate in treating and rehabilitating hedgehogs that come into our care with life threatening illnesses and injuries. Our policy is to properly assess each new patient, to seek veterinary care when required, and to consult with other specialists throughout the country who are advanced in the treatment of this small animal.

Based in Cheddar we take in hedgehogs from across Somerset, North Somerset, Bath and North east Somerset, Bristol and surrounding Mendip Area.

Please call 07806 744 772

Open hours: 09:00-17:00

Do not email with an emergency as we may not be able to read it for several hours.
Please do not bring hedgehogs in without calling us first.

If you have a non-urgent matter please use our contact form to email us.


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NEWS - February 2021

A message from Jules Bishop, Founder, Prickles Hedgehog Rescue

Welcome to this special edition of Prickly News.
We are, hopefully, heading towards the time when we are released from Lockdown and our prickly friends will emerge from hibernation.

Historically, the spring is always an incredibly busy time of year for us with the admittance, initially of, male hogs coming out of hibernation their hormones raging, focussing on finding a female becoming unaware of potential dangers and coming  in as  casualties. Following the males are the mothers and babies, often the  result  of disturbed nests and  injuries caused by increased  gardening activity. We are also now able to release those which have over wintered at Prickles.

Looking back--this year has been particularly challenging overcoming the necessary  restrictions placed on us due to the Pandemic. We have managed to maintain our excellent, specialised care and support of hedgehogs in need during this time. Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers have followed the health and safety protocol of safe distancing and the wearing of appropriate PPE and have adapted to the challenges with their indomintable  spirit!

However, our charity shop has been closed and our fundraising activities limited.

We are currently facing a very difficult financial situation with the real possibility of having to close our doors in the next few months. I am appealing to you all to help and support us during this period of uncertainty.

Every gift makes a real difference, regardless of its size.

Thank you in anticipation of your generosity in giving and allowing us to continue with the work that we do to help save and protect these vulnerable creatures.