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Do you ever close? Prickles is a 24 hour Hedgehog Rescue Centre. If no one answers the phone straight away please leave a message and someone will get back to you.
No, if a hedgehog is out in the day it is a sign there is a problem and they will come out to find warmth when they are poorly. They might appear to be sunbathing as these hedgehogs remain still in the sun.
A hedgehog that is dehydrated and cold will often stagger and wobble.
The hedgehog’s natural defence is to curl up in a tight ball using its spikes to protect it.
Hedgehog fleas are host specific meaning they will not live on your dogs or cats.
Some do but usually if they are in pain. Their bite doesn’t usually penetrate your skin.
Many years ago bread and milk was considered good for hedgehogs and they would readily eat it. However, modern research has found that bread and milk causes illness and sometimes death in hedgehogs and shouldn’t be given under any circumstances (even to baby hedgehogs).
Hedgehogs who haven’t reached the hibernation weight of 650 grams will not survive hibernation. Any hedgehogs that are found during the winter (October – April) who haven’t reached this safe weight are taken to Rescue Centres. They are kept in a warm room and fed all winter. These are then released the following spring, wherever possible where they were found.
If it is not in any danger and it is not causing you any problems, then leave it where it is providing it has access to the outside. If it has to be moved for any reason please give us a call. Please leave some water nearby