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Feeding a wild hedgehog in your garden

It is a privilege to have a wild animal visiting your garden and hedgehogs are no exception. They need all the support that they can get as they are now on the protected species list.

Apart from their natural diet hedgehogs will visit your garden every night if you place:-

  • A saucer of cat/dog meat – chicken in jelly is a favourite but please no meat in gravy.
  • Cat biscuits
  • Hedgehog biscuits found in garden centres and pet shops
  • A bowl of water is really important as many of the hedgehogs that arrive at Prickles are dehydrated
  • Please no bread or milk

Stop cats or foxes stealing the hedgehog’s food.

  • Keeping the food under a platform or ridge tile will help prevent other animals like Dogs, Cats or Foxes stealing the hedgehog’s food.
  • Build or buy a small feeding station or house to put the food into that will only allow hedgehogs to get in.
  • This will also help keep the food; especially biscuits dry in the rain and prevent it freezing in the winter.
  • Place the water OUTSIDE the feeding station. (In freezing weather put the water inside the feeding station)

The quick, cheap and easy way:

  • Get a plastic storage box about 12” wide by 18” long (or bigger)plastic storage box turned into a feeding station
  • Either use it with the lid on, or turn the box upside down.
  • Cut a 4” to 5” hole (about a large fist size) in one of the short ends.
  • Tape around the cut-hole
  • Hedgehogs can be messy eaters, so plenty of newspaper on the floor of the box
  • Put the food at the opposite end so a fox or cat cannot put their long arm in and pull out the food
  • Put a brick or heavy weight on top of the box, to stop it being knocked over or the lid pulled off.
  • If cats or foxes still try to get in, then place the box about 6” away from a wall as shown in the last 3 pictures (with the entrance facing towards the wall)