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Friends of Prickles

Support our work, become a Friend of Prickles

You can choose to pledge a monthly amount towards the cost of running the Hogspital via Standing Order. We really appreciate this monthly donation as it helps us to estimate financial requirements much more accurately. You can choose to give from as little as £3/month. In return for your generosity you will receive a regular edition of ‘Prickly News’ by E-mail. This upbeat newsletter will keep you informed of what’s going on at Prickles Hedgehog Rescue including some great photos of hedgehogs in our care at the time.

What does this money get spent on?

Food – every day the hedgehogs are fed on wet and dry food.

Veterinary bills.

Medicine – Many hedgehogs that come into our care are very poorly and require intensive treatment for the first few weeks. We administer some medicines by subcutaneous injection, some pain killers orally and we use external antiseptic sprays for wounds.

Incubators – for the hoglets, who are unable to regulate their own temperature without their Mum.

Fleeces – for the hedgehogs to sleep in (more cost effective than hay and better than shredded paper – the paper dust can be an irritant)

There are many other general running costs – veterinary standard antibacterial cleaners, bin liners, latex gloves, heating and electricity, washing powder, etc.
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Hedgehogs are in severe decline, with your help we can make a difference.

Thank you.