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How old is this hoglet?

hoglets are born grey with no spikes. There spikes usually appear within hours of birth and they are white. The hoglet has no fur and its eyes and ears are closed.
One week old
(weighs about 28-56 grams and they are (2-4) inches in length). These tiny hoglets have no teeth and their eyes and ears are closed.
Two weeks old
(weighs about 56-85 grams and (3-5) inches in length). Eyes will probably still be closed but could open soon. Earholes begin to appear.
Three weeks old
(weighs about 85 – 113 grams. Eyes now open and teeth beginning to appear. These little ones are still not fully weaned.
Four weeks old
(weighs about 113 – 170 grams). Now looks like a mini-adult hedgehog. Would now be accompany mum on foraging trips.
Five weeks old
(weighs about 190 – 225 grams). Still not fully weaned.
Six to seven weeks old
(weighs about 225 -310 grams).
Eight weeks
(weighs about 350 grams). Should now be fully weaned and would be totally independent of mum.

N.B. The foraging weights, ages and amounts are approximate and for use only as a guidance. Like all young mammals, each Hoglet's development will vary individually.