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Sponsorship packs make a great ‘alternative’ gift for birthday presents or other celebratory occasions. You can order a sponsorship pack for yourself or for someone else. The gift pack contains information about your chosen hedgehog, a photo of the hedgehog, information about Prickles Hedgehog Rescue, a Certificate of Sponsorship and a little gift.

You will receive a 6 month update on the progress of that hog, and another update after 12 months, as the sponsorship period expires. Sponsorship money helps to pay for food, medication and general care of the hedgehog.

The hedgehogs we have up for sponsorship are our ‘ambassadors’, each has its own story but represent the many hedgehogs we have in our care at any one time. The ambassadors will change from time to time as they get released back to the wild.

We are offering the opportunity to sponsor a hedgehog for £30 a year.

Gift packs will be sent to you (the purchaser) unless otherwise stated, however please provide the name and address of the recipient so we can send the follow up letters directly to them, you can use the 'instruction' box to do this.

Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery

Cherry was trapped in netting for days and now has infected lacerations all over her painful swollen feet from desperately scrambling to get free. She was found just in time but was very distressed. Will you sponsor beautiful Cherry back to health?

Hobnob was attacked by dogs and sustained puncture wounds all over his back and bottom. He is very nervous and requires lots of nursing to prevent the bite wounds from getting infected. Will you sponsor handsome Hobnob back to health?

Nixie the ‘water hedgehog’ was plucked out of a stream cold and exhausted. She is being treated for a life threatening infection.

Your sponsorship will help Nixie recover.

Bobby the bald hedgehog was found orphaned at about 3 weeks old suffering from mange and ringworm, all of his fur has fallen out.

Your sponsorship will help Bobby get better.