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Volunteering can take many forms when working with wildlife.

volunteers cleaning and feeding

If you have a few hours to spare, why not contact us to discuss how you might like to get involved. Below are some ideas:

  • Morning: all the hedgehog cages need cleaning every morning and the hedgehogs may need weighing and/or assessing. Work as a team.
  • Evening: all the hedgehogs need feeding every evening. Work as a team.
  • Fundraising: plan small fundraisers – coffee mornings, jumble sales, sponsored events, mufti days etc.
  • Emergency pick up drivers.
  • Releasing volunteers: taking the hedgehog back to where it came from.
  • Awareness Day helpers: work as a team on the Prickles stand.
  • PR volunteers: good at spreading the word.
  • Donation Collection volunteers: find imaginative ways of asking the public to make small donations of cat food, latex gloves, blue roll and other consumables that we use in the Hogspital.